Sipsy Ink Copywriting


The Problem

Tristyn, the founder and CEO of Sipsy Ink Copywriting wanted her brand visuals to feel aligned to her personality and future goals. She had trouble capturing her vision with DIY and wanted a professional to get it done right the first time so she could focus on her client work. She also wanted to find clarity in her business's audience, values, and voice.

The Process

We kicked off the project with an in-depth 1:1 strategy call discussing her ideal audience, values, visual inspiration, and personality. With this information and my own research, I put together an easy-to-implement strategy guide for her to start attracting ideal clients and creating content that felt aligned with her personality. I then used the strategy to create her fully custom brand identity. 

The Results

"I already feel SO much more confident in my brand. I trusted her every single step of the way. And the outcome was more than worth it. Every single design was flawless and perfectly captured what image of what I wanted my brand to look like. Whitney is an absolute expert in brand strategy and design - there's no other way to say it."

-Tristyn, Sipsy Ink Copywriting