The Key to Converting Your Ideal Audience

You kinda generally know your ideal customer but you feel like you can't connect with them let alone convert them into clients. You're all but serenading them with your winning personality and obvious talent but... they hardly even look your way.

The fact of the matter is, you probably don't know your audience well enough. Do you know what they eat for breakfast? For example, you want to work with women business owners only. BUT a woman who shops at whole foods and eats smoothie bowls for breakfast after a hot yoga sesh is NOT the same audience as the woman who skips breakfast, shops at Kroger, and finishes the day with a glass of wine. See what I mean?

In order to really know your ideal. customer, you need to get inside their head, do research, put yourselves in their shoes. Set aside some time and brainstorm who they are! Think about things like: -Their fears -Their hopes and dreams -Their life station -Their education and financial standing -HOW they like to spend their money -Where they shop -How they FEEL after making a purchase

Spend 30 mins on this exercise and then ask yourself again, "What does my ideal customer eat for breakfast?" You might be surprised by how different your answer is.

With my clients, I walk them through a 2 hour 1:1 session where we get to the root of these questions and sooo many more. And 100% of the time, my clients walk away with revelations about their audience and a newfound confidence in how to better reach them.

So if you're looking for clarity in your audience and a Done-for-you action plan on how to best connect and convert, click the link in my bio. Because knowing your audience WILL move the needle in your business and you don't have time to waste with guesswork.