Did your lead go with your competitor?

This post is for you if you're tired of blending in with your neighbors, tired of competing on price alone, tiredddd of your audience going with your competitor bc they don't see that unique value you have to bring.

You want your brand to be so scroll-stopping, so cult-status, soooo buzz-worthy that your ideal clients HAVE to look. In fact, it's so good they can't look away. They want to work with you and ONLY you.

But what makes a brand "buzz-worthy"? How do you build something that not only gets attention but the right attention (Aka, those sought-after clients)?

Clarity in your brand + Custom Visual Identity + a plan to communicate your message = a buzz-worthy brand. It's a strategy sandwich with informed, purposeful design at the heart of it.

That brand "magic" that makes your eyes glaze over doesn't just happen overnight, andddd it doesn't usually happen by accident. Buzz-worthy brands are like those Pinterest-worthy AirBnbs. On the surface, it's a stunning, aesthetic experience buuuuut beneath it all lies the structure that makes it all possible (the walls, the electricity, the foundation). That highly important structure is brand strategy. Without it, the house would come crumbling down.

If you're wanting to build a buzz-worthy, scroll-stopping business this year, this is your sign to take action. The year is halfway over! It's time to take REAL steps towards your goals by grabbing one of my limited spots for August.

WildHive was founded to help businesses just like yours reach their goals + build a buzz-worthy brand with ease. So for the next 3 weeks, I'm offering 2 free 30-min coaching calls when you book a brand or web design package. That means 1:1 guidance as you start implementing your strategy and growing your biz.

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3 Things you need to build a buzz-worthy brand and stand-out online
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