But all Brand Kits look the same… Right? WRONG! 5 Brands that prove you can stand out and sell more

Are you worried that buying a Semi-Custom brand means you’ll be swallowed up by the Sea of Sameness? Let me throw you a life preserver of truth to reel you back in! Let me tell you why a Semi-Custom brand allows you to have a visual presence that is unique to you without all the hassle that comes with attempting to do it yourself.

As a Brand Strategist, I know the importance of standing out in your industry. Being able to differentiate yourself from other businesses in your corner of the internet can be life or death for your company! After all, you not only need to ensure people are seeing your brand but you need to make sure it's the “right” people who do your target audience.

If you’re not portraying your business in a way that makes you stand out from the crowd and attracts the people you want to work with, you’ll end up watching your dream clients go to the competition that can. Your business deserves better than that! That’s why I created the WildHive Studio Brand Kit Shop in order to give your business the visual brand that it deserves so it can have the best shot at succeeding online and off.

Now there are some brand kits out there that would do you dirty by promising the world but offering only the bare minimum while selling out unlimited amounts of each so you end up right where you started, looking like everyone else.

In fact, once upon a time, I was pretty skeptical of brand kits for these same reasons. But I also had a strong desire to help businesses with budgets of all shapes and sizes and so I knew I needed to tackle them for the sake of businesses just like yours. Money shouldn’t stand in your way of success and you deserve a strong, beautiful, stand-out brand so that your amazing business can reach people, make an impact, and flourish!

So let me prove it to you first!

Here are 2 Brand Identities developed from the SAME Brand Kit.

Looks pretty different right?

Here’s what I do to make sure you’ll see the same results:

  1. Your brand kit will be customized with your unique business name, tagline, and colors.

  2. You will have your own set of brand words to really set the tone of your brand’s look and personality.

  3. Your Brand Kit will be 1 of 5 that will ever be sold. PERIOD. That means only 4 other completely different variations like the ones shown above will be out in the world of [insert stat] online businesses.

Still not convinced? Here are 3 more testaments to the truth: