Behind the Design: The GalUp Method

The WildHive Client:

Madeline Levin is the founder of The Galup Method, an equine-assisted therapy program for teen girls focused on building confidence and forming the mental tools necessary to conquer life's challenges. She wanted to share her passion with the world and let her audience know that there is a proven method to instill the courage and strength all women deserve.

Why We Were Buzzing to Get Started:

At WildHive Studio, we jump at the opportunity to help passionate business owners looking to create a lasting impact. Madeline Levin was certainly that. We admired her mission to help teens and young women build the mental tools they need to overcome psychological obstacles and move throughout life confidently. When we have the opportunity to come alongside business owners like Madeline, it reminds us why we started this journey to begin with!

The Goal:

Madeline wanted someone to clarify and capture her vision in the same light that she saw her own business. She wanted a visual identity that felt aligned with her values and character of the program while creating a clear message to deliver help to as many potential clients as possible.

The Journey We Took:

The Deliverables:

  • Brand Design

  • Website Design & Development

Target Audience:

GalUp Method is a program specifically for teen girls that builds confidence, trust, and mental tools that help them navigate life's challenges as they mature.

Pain Points:

These teen girls and their parents are looking for someone they can trust and a program that is a safe space for learning and growing on a personal level. They want something that is tried and proven, so we focused on ensuring that same level of professionalism and trust that we experienced and know to expect from the Galup Method would be showcased throughout.

Strategy & Design Solutions:

During the design process, we wanted to create an identity that was friendly and approachable but that still reflected the professionalism of the program. We also wanted to choose a color palette that felt soothing and optimistic and specifically appealed to today's teens. In order to accomplish this strategy, we chose a pastel palette containing shades of cream and pink to create a feminine look to the brand while adding soft blues and greens to create a soothing overall atmosphere.

On the website, we added in soft painted textures to continue to accentuate the calming and welcoming personality of her brand, helping her website visitors feel instantly at ease.

To bring this feeling into the logos, we created a delicate hand-drawn icon to be paired with an elegant and sophisticated typeface.

WildHive's Sweetest Victories:

Our sweetest moment during this project was seeing the custom, illustrative textures bring depth to the website experience. We also created a few custom icons for the website that matched the gently curved and calming nature of the website design.

Project Highlights:

We love creating fun, on-of-a-kind patterns when we can! Check out this brand pattern - great for use on thank you cards, personal business gifts, business stationery and more.

The Final Result:

Check out more stunning images of this project on the GalUp Method portfolio page, here. Scroll through to catch a glimpse of each phase of the project from start to finish. The website will be launching soon!

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