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Behind the Design: Belsi's Jewelry

The WildHive Client:

Belinda and Riddhi are two sisters from Indore with one unrelenting dream that took form as Belsi's Jewelry. The idea for Belsi’s first took shape in 2010, after realizing there’s a huge gap in affordable and authentic IndoWestern jewelry. Coming from a big Indian family of five sisters, jewelry always had a significant role in their lives—a form of love, pride, and heritage.

Why We Were Buzzing to Get Started:

When Riddhi first came to us, we heard from our project collaborator, Studio Mash, that she had a great depth of passion for her business. After meeting with her via Zoom, we quickly saw this passion and her desire to take her business to the next level. We never miss an opportunity to work with other businesses that are passionate and dedicated to bringing affordable and conscientious change to the world!

The Goal:

Originally, they were looking for a website refresh that would help them take their unique jewelry designs, currently sold only in Eastern markets, to Western markets such as the U.S. and Europe. After talking more with Riddhi about their goals, we decided to dive first into brand strategy and creative direction on top of a brand refresh. Ultimately, Riddhi recognized the level of quality and unique positioning Belsi's Jewelry brought to the industry and she wanted that to be reflected through high-quality copy and visuals online.

The Journey we took:

The journey began with in-depth brand strategy to pinpoint Belsi's unique positioning, brand values, messaging, and personality. After the brand strategy was complete, I designed a branded guidebook to make all of the information digestible for future use.

The Deliverables:

  • Brand Refresh Design

  • Photography Direction for website & social media

  • Website Design

Target Audience:

Belsi's jewelry is for the explorers and adventurers of the world, travelers, and socialites. It's for bold, ambitious women who use their clothing and accessories as a form of self-expression.

Pain Points:

These powerful and spirited women can't often find jewelry as unique as they are without breaking the bank. Belsi's makes self-expression easy and affordable with each of their collections. They provide looks that you can't get anywhere else for a price you can't beat.

Strategy & Design Solutions:

I dove into the creative direction which included a new color palette, fonts, and photography direction that reflected the strategy. We went with a bold, modern palette to pay homage to the Indian roots while still appealing to Western women. We chose clean, yet strong fonts to showcase the brand's unapologetic personality and photography direction that focuses on the jewelry in a way that allows the viewer to imagine themselves in the model's place.

WildHive's Sweetest Victories:

WildHive's favorite part of this project was curating a memorable website experience. We created a look that was minimal and modern, leaving plenty of space for the bold and unique jewelry pieces to take center stage. We created a website strategy that allowed the visitors to explore each collection and seek the perfect purchase while also educating them on the cultural roots and inspiration behind the brand.

Whitney was a delight to work with. WildHive Studio made our vision into reality and everything we could’ve imagined for our website. From the beginning, Whitney was engaged and provided so much insight on the website design. She provided great options for our website design taking a deep dive into our brand refresh. - Riddhi, CEO and Founder

Project Highlights:

During the branding phase, we were able to showcase the brand refresh on packaging to give examples of how the new brand would look "in the wild".