3 Things Your Audience Needs to Know Before Buying from You

Your audience probably knows what you do, but do they know who you are?

Here's what your audience needs to know before buying from you:

  1. that you understand them

  2. that what you do provides a solution to their struggles

  3. that YOU are the right fit for them over your competitor.

So how do you do that? It comes down to knowing your unique selling points (see my posts from last week to learn more), but also your values, process, mission, personality.

Show that you understand your audience by taking the time to listen to them. What questions do you often get asked? If you were in their shoes, how would you feel about what you do? If you don't know where to start, try looking at online question forums, polling your audience, or interviewing friends and family members that might fit your target audience.

Once you know how they feel, you can better appeal to them using their own language. This is NOT sleazy. This is you trying to reach them where they are at because you know that you offer something that can truly help them. Tell your audience how your service or product will help them overcome some of the struggles they're having and educate them on how it works. This is your chance to show authority.

Then lastly, show your audience that you are the right business or person for the job by weaving your values and mission into your content.

For example, at WildHive, I value education and simplicity. I strive to give our clients a streamlined process that educates them at every step of the way because, just like any tool, you need to learn how it works in order to use it to its full potential. Not only do I try to explain things in a no BS, simple kind of way, I also go to great lengths to continuously revise and improve my process so that we can focus on being creative and having fun together during such an important aspect of your business!

Soooo you see how I insert my values into my process?

It's a simple as know what you stand for and taking steps to live out those values in your business. After that all you have to do is share that in words with your audience. Want more? Watch the video above!

Before I hop off here, I did want to say that if you're looking for someone expert-level help on identifying your brand values, personality, and message, I have some August spots open right now. If you book this month, you get 2 free follow-up coaching calls after the project is over. Basically, it's 1:1 attention and guidance so you can reach your goals by implementing the strategy and branding we create together! So if you're interested, tap the button below to get started!

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